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Ever wonder how many Marlins were in movies and on TV shows.  Here is a list from searching on Google.
If you know of others and have photos let us know.

Video Links

1965 AMC Rambler Marlin TV Commercial

TV Ad Series 1965 Rambler Marlin

1966 AMC Rambler Marlin Commercial

1967 AMC Marlin Commercial
This is a very small clip of the Now Cars Commercial from AMC featuring the full line up, including the Marlin which was a sub category of the Ambassador Line. You can see the full commercial at Bostonterrierfan1 channel.

  Updated 29 June 2012

Live & Let Live 1973
Live and Let Live, 1973 - 65 Marlin parked at airport - gray/black
Stateside, 2004 - 65 Marlin parked in front of building - red/black
Blow 2001
Blow, 2001 Internet Movie - 65 Marlin on beach - aqua/white
Girl Interupted 1999
Girl Interrupted, 1999 - 65 Marlin on the street - mauve/black
Las Bestias 1972
Las Bestias Del in 1972 - 67 Marlin on the street - red/white
From Earth to the Moon 1998
From Earth to the Moon, 1998 - 65 Marlin in front of house - yellow/white
Partridge Family 70-74
Partridge Family, 70/74 - 65 Marlin on the street - red/white
Teenage Mother 1967
Teenage Mother, 1967 - 66 Marlin - white/black
Crater Lake Monster
Crater Lake Monster - the Marlin was driven into the crater

Desert King
Desert Car Kings, 2011 TV Reality Show
Worst Drivers
Canada's Worst Driver, 2005 TV SEries
Smoke and Flesh
Smoke and Flesh 1968
Touched by a Angel - no photo but I saw this on TV a few years back the Marlin was yellow and white.
10 Days of Rain - no photo but saw this on the computer and couldn't get a photo of the Marlin it was red and black