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Marlin automobiles were produced for 3 years: 1965 thru 1967 - only 17,419 were made
1965 Production was 10,327 units -- 1966 Production was 4,547 units -- 1967 Production was 2,545 units

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... 2016 is the 50th Anniversary of the 1966 Marlin ...
The Marlin Auto Club is celebrating the 1966 Marlin’s 50th birthday
with a
1966 Marlin Anniversary Show
Held in combination with the 2016 AMO National Show in Rockford, IL - July 27th thru 30th 2016
Open to all Marlins 1965, 1966, and 1967 - Bring your Marlin and support our Anniversary Show
Friday July 29th - 1966 Marlin 50th Birthday Show,  9 am – 3 pm
At the AMO Show Field alongside AMO Swap Meet
Free Registration for Marlin Club Members - Show Registration Form Available here...

66 Logo
Marlin designer Vince Geraci will be releasing a new print for the 2016 Marlin Gathering on July 29th.  A limited number of numbered. series prints will be made and available for sale.  Each print is $20 and will be signed at the show.  If you are interested in pre-ordering a print from Vince, please contact him via email at  Please contact Vince directly to pre-order.  He will have the prints available for pick up at the show. 

The Marlin Auto Club has re-produced two 1966 Marlin banners and some 66 Marlin license plates that will be at the show.  The license plates will be for sale and the banners will be auctioned off at the end of our show on Friday

A limited number of 1966 Marlin 50th Anniversary Polo Shirts and Mugs will be available for sale at the Show

2015 was the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 Marlin
** The 1965 Marlin 50th Anniversary Show was on July 24th 2015 **
44 Marlins registered for the show - 34 were on the show-field: 1965 - 23 cars, 1966 - 6 cars, 1967 - 5 cars

List of 50th Anniversary Show Participants and their Marlins  50th Anniversary Show Pictures
1965 Marlins at the 50th Anniversary Show
66 Marlins
1966 Marlins at the 50th Anniversary Show (two are missing)
67 Marlins
1967 Marlins at the 50th Anniversary Show

Marlin Auto Club Table and the AMC Design Team Table with Vince Geraci and Frank Pascoe


The 1965 Marlin Script License Plate is available for $10.00 plus shipping

This was first sold at the 50th Anniversary Show in Cleveland
Limited quantity available of this unique item
Contact Mark Zeno for information on the license plates at 

Marlin Auto Club Registry
The Marlin Auto Club Officers and members are interested in knowing how many Marlins are still in existence and want to help create resources for those interested in preserving Marlins.  If you own a Marlin please register your Marlin  Click here for the Marlin Registry
Ever wonder how many Marlins were in movies and on TV shows?  Check out the "Movies and Video" tabInfo provided by Kevin Wright
AMC designer Vince Geraci on the Marlin: “There’s a very fine line between unique and strange”  Click here for the article in HMN Blog

2012 AMO National Show in Boston, MA July 11th - 14th.   Click here for pictures
Marlin Clay Model

AMC Designers Frank Pascoe and Vince Geraci with the Marlin Future Concept Clay Model at the 2010 AMO Show

Marlin #1
1965 Marlin with Serial Number 0001 found in North Carolina at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in August 2011 by Marlin Club member Phil Heitman. 
Click here for story and pictures

New picture of the Marlin raced in the 1966 "24 Hours of Daytona" by the Hess brothers. 
See more in the Marlin Racing tab.

 Click here for a great article on the Rambler/AMC Marlin from the AMCRC web pages
Auto History Document Library
The Auto History Preservation Society has loaded articles on AMC and other makes on the Auto History Documents Library at the Auto History Preservation SocietyAll material is downloadable in PDF and has been restored to its original condition
Click here for more information

President: Mark Zeno (acting)
Vice President: Troy Gill,  
Treasurer: Joe Howard
Board of Directors

Paul Adams, Sam Roth, Larie Vagg
Editor for Fish Tales Newsletter and Web Site: Joe Howard
The Marlin Auto Club is a non-profit hobby club for the Restoration and Preservation of the 1965-1967 Marlin Automobile. Marlin ownership is not required.  We publish a quarterly newsletter, Fish Tales, and sponsor Club Events. Membership is open to anyone interested. Membership is renewable each year in December.  See Membership page for more information.

Gone Fisining Annimation


The Marlin Auto Club is a Chapter of both AMCRC and AMO

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